Call for Chapter Organizers

Dear Fellow Self-Represented Litigant, stock-footage-the-canadian-national-flag-waving-in-the-wind-on-a-flagpole

As you may already know from your own experiences, our current legal system is facing a crisis given the great number of ordinary Canadians representing themselves in our courts. Recent statistics show that of proceedings in BC under the Family Relations Act, 57% of parties are SRLs. (Alberta, 40% and Ontario 64%). Research indicates that the majority of self-represented litigants are unable to afford on-going legal counsel and do not quality for legal aide.

NSSN is a non- profit organization interested in supporting individuals, through social support, who are in the process of representing themselves, or who are faced with the prospect of doing so. We strive to help others in offering and sharing information, resources and social support. We can not, and do not, offer legal advice.

Our aim is to support SRLs by providing a forum for dialogue through support groups. As such, we offer monthly chapter meetings in local communities. The purpose of these meetings is to offer a venue for SRLs to meet one another for social support and perhaps share information. No legal advice is given as these meetings are comprised of ordinary citizens. The role of the Chapter Organizer is to follow a general format (that NSSN provides) and to facilitate conversation topics (e.g. where to go to find help with court forms, free legal clinics, etc.). It is our hope that resources will be shared among participants. The Chapter Organizer is not responsible for finding, or producing, resources but rather organizes when/where the meeting will take place and “chairs” the meeting following NSSN format.

There are currently few other existing organizations that seek to support self represented litigants in this way.  If you are interested in volunteering to be a Chapter Organizer please provide the following information: