University of Manitoba Community Law Center

The University of Manitoba Community Law Center, located on the University of Manitoba campus, has been a part of Legal Aid Manitoba since 1972. The office primarily handles Criminal Code offenses that are not likely to end in jail time, including impaired driving, theft under $5,000 and assaults. If there is a reasonable possibility of incarceration, cases are referred back to Legal Aid Manitoba and a lawyer is assigned to the case.

The remainder of the caseload consists mainly of welfare appeals, residential tenancies cases, small claims cases that involve consumer problems and increasingly, individual disputes with Manitoba Public Insurance.

The Center is staffed by 50 to 100 second and third year law students who volunteer their time. Four students are hired during summer months to provide continuity. Although students have primary responsibility for their file, they are supervised by Legal Aid Manitoba staff lawyers and by Law Professor David Deutscher. Members of the faculty and other Legal Aid staff are available to provide information or advice when matters require special expertise. The students operate under the authority of Section 21 of the Legal Professions Act and are registered with the Law Society of Manitoba.

Clients are generally referred to the Center by other Legal Aid staff and clients must make an appointment. Students see clients four half-days per week. Clients must be financially eligible to receive Legal Aid.

The Center provides an important training function. Students refine their interviewing techniques, issue identification, problem solving, negotiation and litigation skills.

A Manitoba Law Foundation annual grant is the primary funding source. It is a cost-effective service. With most of the labour donated, the cost per person assisted is less than $100.

University of Manitoba Community Law Center
Faculty of Law – 101 Robson Hall
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg MB R3T 2N2
Phone: 204.985.5206    Fax: 204.474.7580


Family Law Access Center

The Family Law Access Center (FLAC) is a pilot project offered by the Law Society of Manitoba to assist middle income families afford legal services with respect to family law matters. ** Until further notice, please be advised that at this time the Family Law Access Center Program is not accepting applications due to the program being at capacity. **

Legal Help Center

Legal Help Center will provide you with legal information and referrals when you think you have a legal problem.

Our Drop-in Clinics are available to those with family incomes under $50,000 per year. At our Drop-in Clinics, you can expect:

  • Answers to your questions about the law and legal processes in Manitoba
  • Help in finding and accessing services you need from organizations and agencies in our community
  • Legal help from law students working under the supervision of a lawyer

We are unable to assist everyone, however we will do our best to assist when:

  • you would greatly benefit from our services
  • your matter is not complicated and we have the legal skills and resources necessary to assist you
  • there are no other legal services available to assist you

Our workshops on a variety of legal topics are available for everyone. Call 204-258-3096 for further information.