Services for SRLs

 Limited Scope Retainer and “Unbundled Legal Services”

The term “limited scope retainer” means the provision of legal services by a lawyer for part, but not all, of a client’s legal matter by agreement between the lawyer and the client. Another expression is often used is “unbundled services”.

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In other words, you hire a lawyer to help you as needed. This can be for one meeting, or it can be for ongoing legal advice behind the scenes or it can be to represent you in Court for a step in the litigation. Limited scope retainers are designed to provide valuable legal guidance at an affordable cost.

Fixed Pricing Legal Services

 Mediation Services

  • Family First Solutions is a full-service mediation practice focusing on Financial and Parenting Mediation with a non adversarial approach. Phone: 289-201-7850.

Court Room Companion and Administrative Assistance

  •  Cases Without Counsel – Not Without Support! Cases Without Counsel is a non-lawyer firm dedicated to Access To Justice (A2J) by providing professional assistance to self- representing litigants.   Contact:  Cynthia Freitag, Law Clerk – phone: 905-329-9955 or      Facebook Page


Vocational Assessments

  • Practical Solutions  provides information to SRLs relating to employability to assist with support issues during the separation process.  Information lawyers may find useful for the clients they are representing.